Think of it as the exact opposite of an HTPC case review.  The In-Win IW-R300 is a 3U rack mounted server enclosure, complete with a rather nicely efficient 500W PSU shaped to fit.  You don’t often see server cases reviewed and it is interesting to see them subjected to the same testing as the cases enthusiasts grab off of the shelves.  At 18.75lbs it is fairly light for such a solidly build case and it is not overly large at 19" wide and 19" deep and 3U in height (5.25").  Overclockers Club did take points away for not shipping the case with rails for mounting on a rack, but were pleased with the thermal results.  Check out one of the few rack mounted case an enthusiast site has reviewed here.

"I have built many servers for my studies and personal business, both rack-mounted and tower- based. With the price and time it takes to obtain 1U or 2U hardware, it makes it more feasible to use a 3U or larger chassis for my builds. This particular case made building a server possible via easily to obtain, off-the-shelf parts, making the unit not only cost effective to build, but also easier and cheaper to maintain."

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