[H]ard|OCP brings you the solid numbers on what is need to power the newest of nVIDIA’s cards, both singly and in multiples.  Almost two dozen PSUs are recommended by the end as the power requirements of a single GTX480 might be high but seem almost reasonable compared to a tri-SLI setup.  If you have a wallet thick enough to pick up these cads, you really should invest in a solid PSU at the same time.  It is also a good guide to anyone building a rig with multiple cards from the Evergreen family.

“So you are going to go the Fermi / GF100 route for your next video card purchase? Along with getting the fastest single GPU in the world, you will also be nursing a power hungry piglet of a video card that requires you feed it a diet high in amperage, low in ripple, all while keeping tight voltage regulation. We show you what to buy.”

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