Over the past week a few visitors to PC Perspective may have received a warning about a suspicious advertisement from your antivirus program and we would just like you to know that the those responsible for that have had awful things happen to them.  You are safe again and thank you for letting us know.

While the warning may not have been a false positive, one forum member is having a problem with false readings … from their BIOS or possibly a faulty thermistor.  Reminiscent of certain motherboards for Athlons that used an ALI chipset really, but sadly not an isolated incident

Over in the Display Forum is a member shopping for a new monitor, or perhaps an even dozen of them.  In the Memory forum everyone is switching to the new version of one of the better memory/CPU testing software, you can get tips on current AMD laptops from this thread in the Mobile forum and the Linux Forum is going to have a busy weekend as Ubuntu 10.04LTS has arrived.

You should also make sure and catch the 106th Episode of the PC Perspective Podcast, among other things Colleen shows off a little on her last regular appearance and manages to get five of us on the show at once!