If you have read Ryan’s recent editorial on the iPad, you should know that there is an active forum thread where you can talk about your reactions to his statements and maybe chime in on any other tablet related comments, or about Apple’s apparent business model for the iPad and iPhone.  If you aren’t so interested in laboured fruit, perhaps you might find a discussion on spyware scanners and just where the bottleneck for scanning speeds are.  Maybe you would be more entertained by a scary story about Core i7s and excessive heat or upside down motherboard installations?  Perhaps something unique and different like this member who built their own amp.

All your old favourites are still around as well, the Frogs are still Fraggin, the Lightning is still going Round , the BOINCers and Folders are still distributing and the The Trading Post is the same, though there might be some components up for trade or sale that you haven’t seen yet! What is completely new is Episode #104 of the PC Perspective Podcast, so don’t miss out!