Steve has just finished a review of a case that is a little out of the ordinary.  The Dimastech Test Bench looks nothing like a case at first glance as it is designed to allow unobstructed access to all of your components.  Usually you find this type of case literally on a test bench, as hardware reviewers need to swap parts constantly and overclockers need to be able to get at traces with their probes to determine how hard they are pushing components.  That doesn’t mean that a home user shouldn’t check this case out; as long as they have a relatively clean (and cat free) area to use their PC.  The open concept can lead to some disasters in a cluttered or busy environment but offers some impressive cooling and flexibility for those with the proper area.
“Other than those minor issues, this test bench is well constructed, flexible for different configurations, and would work great as an exhibition piece at a computer show or even a local LAN party. All in all, the Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 has earned PC Perspective’s Gold Award for its innovative design, flexible layout, and quality construction.”

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