The Inquirer have managed to find a slide that was posted to the net covering the next 12 months of Intel’s mobile chips.  Six new processors will arrive by the end of the year to keep you occupied until Huron River comes out in the beginning of 2011, if all stays on track.  Not too much new technology has been associated with this chip refresh though Zero Power ODD and the incorporation of on-die Intel HD graphics is generating interest.

“A ROADMAP has leaked out of Intel’s glorious plans to take the mobile chip market by storm this year.

According to a slide found by Engadget, specifications for Chipzilla’s entire fall collection of mobile chips have tipped up.

It looks like the Core i7s and Core i5s will end up for mobile use, but the 2.66GHz / 3.33 GHz Core i5-580M won’t be the only dual-core CPU to look for in your Christmas stocking.”

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