Battery and Power Consumption
The battery can be your lifeline when a power outlet is nowhere to be found. The Acer Ferrari One 200 is reported to have 5 hours of battery life, but we run our own tests to see how the battery holds up.

In our battery evaluation, we set battery savings to the lowest setting and run tests continuously until the battery is completely drained. This isn’t what you’d typically do in the real world since you’ll want to have some battery saving scheme enabled – so these tests present a worst case scenario.

Acer Ferrari One 200 Review - More than a Netbook - Mobile 53
* Acer Ferrari One 200: 6-Cell 4400mAh.
Asus Eee 1201N 6-Cell 5600 mAh.
Power conservation disabled.

Battery life is fairly good on the Acer Ferrari One 200 and should last you a full business day if power saving features are enabled. If playing back h264 HD content, you can expect just less than 2 hours before the battery dies which is an important metric for frequent travelers who use their computers as video players.

Based on the battery’s capacity rating, we can calculate the approximate amps consumed per hour, giving us a rough idea of the power efficiency of the system.

Acer Ferrari One 200 Review - More than a Netbook - Mobile 54
*Power conservation disabled.

The Acer Ferrari One 200 and the Asus Eee 1201N are nearly the same in power consumption in the PC Perspective Web Productivity test and the PCMark Vantage loop.  H264 decoding superiority goes to the Eee 1201N with the Ion chipset.

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