Much like viewing games in 3D, trying to describe the experience of playing a game with a three-monitor Eyefinity configuration is hard to do with just words.  That is why we spent so much time on our Eyefinity videos and why AMD spent so much time developing their new Eyefinity Experience Tool

AMD Releases Eyefinity Experience Tool for those of us without three displays - Graphics Cards 2

Using a simple web interface the marketing and development team at AMD has come up with a way to easily demonstrate the differing views of playing a game with a single monitor and with a set of three displays in an Eyefinity configuration.  You can see examples from six different games including AvP, Bad Company 2, Battle Forge, Dragon Age, Dirt 2 and HAWX. 

The images are somewhat small and we’d love to see them expandable, but overall the gimmick works.  If you have been curious about experiencing Eyefinity this is a quick and easy way to get a rough estimate.  It still can’t match the real thing, but you won’t be shelling out for a pair of new monitors either.