Arriving today are 6 new processors from AMD, mostly a refresh of some of their older and lower end CPUs.  Neoseeker has two of them, the Athlon II X4 610e and X4 640.  The 640 is clocked at 3.0GHz and the 610e at 2.4GHz, both are quad core 45nm parts and neither are unlockable Black Editions.  That doesn’t mean you can’t overclock, as Neoseeker hit 3.85GHZ on the 640 which is a nice jump from the 635.  The X4 610e was tested a little differently, since it is low voltage they tested how low the voltage could go while keeping the stock speed and the answer would be 0.992V.   Read the whole review here.

“The low-power Athlon II X4 610e, like its brothers, really shines in rendering and general computing at the 45W mark.”

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