AMD’s new mobile platforms, Danube and de Nile, have finally become clear enough to let us see to the bottom of them.  Revealed is a new chipset, the M880G with a DX10.1 Radeon HD 4200 onboard, DDR3 support.  The CPU will be 45nm process Neo chips for the ultra-mobile Nile platform and a mix of Phenom II, Turion II and Athlon II chips for the mobile Danube platform. There will be a lot of choice as AMD has 135 Danube and Nile based laptops in the pipeline.  Read on at The Tech Report.
“You know those rumors about AMD snagging over 100 design wins for upcoming mobile products? That number was a little off, as it turns out. AMD has now officially pulled the wraps off of its Danube and Nile platforms, and it claims no less than 135 design wins: 109 for Danube, the mainstream design, and 26 for Nile, which is aimed at ultra-thin laptops.”

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