When the second largest producer of LCDs in Taiwan and supplier to companies such as Dell and Sony starts talking about panel shortages the consumer should pay attention, even if the topic is a little dry.  Au Optronics is seeing a big supply problem for all types of LCDs, desktops and TVs through to notebooks for the next few months at the least.  This will have an effect on pricing especially on those products new to the market like 3D panels and e-paper.  The good news is that Au Optronics, along with their competitors like LG Display are looking to expand their production capabilities in the near future.  Read more at The Inquirer.

“AU OPTRONICS says that you can’t blame the Greeks if LCD panels are in short supply.

Many analysts think that because the Euro has fallen because of the Greek debt crisis, that might stop punters from buying. It it did, that would mean that there would be plenty of product to go around and everyone who wanted a flat screen would be able to get one.

But Au Optronics chairman K. Y. Lee told the Reuters Global Technology Summit that there will be shortages until halfway through the year.”

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