Sparkle have been providing PSUs to the market for quite a while now but never enjoyed the publicity that brands like Antec and Enermax enjoy.  They’re now aiming at the high end of the market with an 80+ Gold Certified modular 1250W PSU.  There are 6 PCIe plugs and Sparkle has designed the PSU to deliver up to 20A to each, aka sextuple 12V rails.  Think Computers gave this PSU some of their best awards, read on to see why.

“Taiwan-based Sparkle Computer Corporation has been around since 1982, most notably producing high quality graphics cards using the PCI interface, in addition to modern PCI-Express cards. However, it hopes to enter the power supply market with its new Gold Class series. These units are manufactured by Great Wall computer and sold by Sparkle as a part of its gaming brand. There is a 1000W version and a 1250W version. ThinkComputers takes a look at this mostly modular, six 12V railed, 80PLUS Gold-certified unit in this review.”

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