The Asus EeeBox EB1501 keeps the cute angled stand on the outside but has new insides intended to provide you with the performance for 1080p playback.  You will find an Atom 330 @ 1.6GHz, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 250GB hard drive, nVidia ION Integrated video card, a DVD drive and runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64.  On the back you will find an Ethernet port, eSATA port, HDMI and VGA out put and an S/PDIF for feeding 7.1 sound to a receiver. 

Unfortunately, as you might expect, that Atom 330 and ION combo lacks the power to play everything at 1080p, though Digital Trends did have some success.  They were also a little disappointed by the lack of an integral TV tuner as well as DVI out.

“Like the netbook, the nettop PC has a cute look to it that makes it easy to envision sitting anywhere from sitting on a desk to next to an HDTV. Asus, the manufacturer that inadvertently started the netbook craze, is betting that there is some longer-term viability to these diminutive PCs. The Asus Eee Box 1501 is one of the few nettops that doubles as a DVD player, but it’s the way it handles all other video that makes it a bit of a conflicted device.”

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