As you can pick up several different models of HD5870 for $400 right now, an MSRP of $499 for the ASUS Matrix HD 5870 seems like a fair sized jump in price.  For that extra investment you get a card with a few interesting features like an LED lit logo on the side which changes colours as load changes on the GPU and a 54MHz overclock on the core.  TechPowerUp! tried pushing the overclock on the card all the way and hit an 8% jump in both GPU and RAM for final frequencies of 965 MHz core and 1290 MHz memory, about what you can expect from any HD5870. 

They put this card through a lot of benchmarks in their review, to give you an exact idea of what to expect from this factory overclocked card.

“The ASUS HD 5870 Matrix Platinum is clearly engineered for maximum overclocking. It has 2 GB of fast GDDR5 memory and features software voltage control for three voltages. One unique feature is that the ASUS iTracker 2 sofware can put your changed settings into the BIOS so you won’t have to worry about OC software anymore.”

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