HALO:Reach is in beta and Ars Technica had a chance to try it out and have reported on what they found.  New armour and weapons like the Designated Marksman Rifle have been added and the Elite now offers a completely different experience from playing a Spartan.  There are also new game types for multiplayer to try out the new toys on.  There is even a nice gameplay movie featuring some nice ninja moves.
“The beta for Halo: Reach often looks much like its predecessors in pictures, and even in some descriptions. But the longer we play the game – and it still feels like we’re just scratching the surface after a few nights with the title – the more improvements, changes, and adjustments we find. The weapons are different, there are now armor classes, the Covenant characters look and feel different than the Spartans, and players are still coming to grips with how to play effectively.”

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