The Intel DBX-B CPU Cooler is the heatsink that comes with the six core Intel Core i7-980X, and Hardware Secrets was asked to see just how well this heatsink works.  It uses a 100mm transparent fan, a little smaller than most high end heatsinks and allows you to adjust the speed between Performance and Quiet.  The only way to get this heatsink is to buy the 980X but from the results of the testing not only will you enjoy good temperatures you can even overclock using this stock heatsink.

“When we published our Core i7-980X Review we showed the new cooler that comes with this CPU, named DBX-B. Some readers asked us for a complete review of this cooler, so here it is. See if the owners of this high-end six-core CPU need to buy a CPU cooler with a higher performance if DBX-B will do the trick if they want to overclock their CPU.”

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