Ars Technica is a little upset at the gaming industry and those attached to it like professional game critics or those who send hatemail to a reviewer that only gave their favourite game eight stars.  They discuss why it is impossible to give an accurate overview of a game from a preview at E3 and other meetings because in most cases the preview does not include any hands on time with the game.  At best you get a heavily scripted presentation and if you are really lucky you might get to spend 5 minutes playing a particular section of a game with the PR rep back seat driving for you.  Check out the full article but be ready to be a little disappointed with the way gaming conferences really work.

“When is the last time you read a preview for a game that was negative? It’s a common complaint in the world of game writing: preview coverage is hilariously one-sided, and serves only to get people excited about games that could be years away from completion. Is it a matter of corruption? Bribery? Something even more insidious?”

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