While this resurgence of tablet PCs has yet to prove it has any real traction, many vendors are going to be showing off their new tablet products at this year’s Computex.
Computex 2010: Tablets Expected to Highlight Year's Show - Mobile 3
MSI’s Slatebook PC which has been reported on last month, is expected to make an appearance at the show utilizing the Moorestown platform (or the Atom Z6xx as it’s called now) complete with Windows 7. While I have my reservations of a Windows 7 tablet, I am curious to see if such devices will be more than “just a netbook without a keyboard”.

But even before the show has started, reports are surfacing that Microsoft is pressuring vendors to parade Windows 7 tablets instead of their ARM-based cousins. Both MSI and Asus have ARM tablets with NVIDIA Tegra and Android (here and here) but it remains to be seen how much face time they will be given at the show (Ryan may have to peek under table cloths to find one).

You can also expect to see more of Lenovo’s U1 “hybrid” notebook which we saw at CES:2010 that comes with a detachable screen that is also a ARM-Snap Dragon tablet.

Computex 2010: Tablets Expected to Highlight Year's Show - Mobile 4
Acer is also reported to be developing a tablet with partner Quanta based on Google Chrome and also on a ARM processor. This comes after news that Acer stated that it has no plans on developing a Chrome netbook.

Stay tuned to PC Perspective as we bring you the on-going coverage of Computex 2010 in Taipei.