Features, Specifications, and Packaging

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Bench Table made in SECC 1,5 mm thick
  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Powder Paint, Phosphate base
  • Totally “ Made in Italy”
  • Laser Cut“ Made in Italy”, on Bench Table Rear
  • Full compatibility with motherboard ATX, Full ATX, MicroAtx, XL-ATX, Mini ATX
  • Installation up to 3 5.25 inch devices
  • Installation up to 3 Hard Drives (3.5 inch) considering floppy reader or 4 Hard Drives withoutfloppy
  • Socket Ventilation with 120×120 Fan Support Front Video Card ventilation with 120×120 fan Support
  • New reset and power Buttons with cables (n°.2)
  • PSU Bracket to be positioned on front or rear of the Bench Table
  • Supporting PSU up to 22cm in length
  • Lateral side compatibility for all water cooling radiators (120×120 fans) on the market (HwLab,ThermoChill, TFC, Etc)
  • Rear Space to install a compact liquid cooling system
  • ThumbScrews thread M3 and 6-32 UNC
  • Ventilation Fan (120×120 mm) for SLI/crossfire Cooling
  • Rubber Feet
  • Ventilation Fan (120×120 mm) for Ram zone
  • Below Drawer with Scrolling line and fixing with lateral thumbscrews
  • Peripheral brackets positioning slots on below drawer
  • Lateral Customization with the Version Number of the Bench Table
  • ThumbNuts to help fixing brackets and supports
  • Totally TOOLFREE assembly
  • Back compatibility for mounting supports or older versions of Bench Table Hard V1.0 and Hard V2.0
  • Full Compatibility with new Bench Table Hard V2.5
  • Predisposition of 4 Holes for Liquid Cooling Tube or Fitting on the Motherboard Rear
  • Predisposition of DimasTech Usb Cable on front of table (The DimasTech Usb Cable is a separate accessory, not included in the Dimastech Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Bundle)



Dimastech Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 Review - Cases and Cooling 46

Dimastech shipped our review sample via DHL and the box only had a few minor scuffs that didn’t cause any damage to the internal parts.


Dimastech Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 Review - Cases and Cooling 47

The unit itself was surrounded by several layers of foam. The inside of the chassis also included more large blocks of foam to keep the components and accessories from banging around. Each foam piece was precisely cut so there was no wiggle room inside the box during shipping.


Dimastech Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 Review - Cases and Cooling 48

The installation manual was the first thing I saw on top of the chassis after removing the exterior foam and taking the unit out of the shipping box. Our readers can see the interior foam that Dimastech used to secure all the other components that go with the test bench.


Dimastech Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 Review - Cases and Cooling 49

Here’s an up-close look at how the the parts were secured during shipping.  I was throughly impressed with how everything was wrapped and the attention to detail to ensure everything from the shipping container to the layers of foam were precisely measured so nothing was damaged on its long journey from Italy to Texas.

Here is a complete list of the parts we received with our review sample:

  • DimasTech Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5
  • Support for hard disks and optical drives
  • Support ballast Support expansion cards
  • Fan support 120x120mm
  • Ram fan support 120x120mm
  • Support for 120x120mm fan for cooling systems in SLI/Crossfire
  • Complete kit of screws and fasteners for the thumb screws to support expansion cards
  • Sleeved vandal power and reset buttons
  • 10 spacers for the motherboard
  • DimasTech Installation Manual

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