Cooler Master is replacing their ageing HAF 932 case with a brand new flagship case called the HAF X.  It is a 30lb steel chassis standing 230mm x 550mm x 599 mm, leaving you plenty of space for whatever heatsink you desire and almost enough drive bays to satisfy Allyn.  The cooling is also big, in front is a 230mm fan, there is a pair of 200mm fans and a 140mm in the back, plus the option to add two more fans specifically to target your GPUs.  That only scratches the surface of the features this case offers, drop by Overclockers Club to discover the rest.

“Cooler Master also did a very good job with the new additions and in my opinion, one of the best is the new hot swap bays. These new bays allow for easy installation of two SSDs or HDDs thought the front bezel. When connected, the drives are actually attached directly to the motherboard via the circuit board, so there is no reduction in performance when using your hard drive via the bays.”

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