The ever stylish Sony VAOI series has a new model, the Z117.  The reviewer at t-break just switched back to a mobile Windows machine from a MacBook, so when he describes the exterior as preferable to a Mac and the weight as surprisingly light you know that he has a good comparison.  It is no lightweight inside, this is a midrange model and has a Core i5-520 CPU @ 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3-1066 RAM and a 128GB SSD running in RAID-0.  The graphics are a little stranger, the 13″ screen has a resolution of 1600×900 and is powered by either an nVIDIA GT330 with 1GB RAM or onboard Intel HD graphics, but it does not use Optimus.  Instead Sony went with a proprietary and perhaps not quite as useful solution.  Check it out here.

“Its a beauty as well as a beast- you wont find a better performing notebook with such portability.”

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