Tweaktown is herding mice today, with four different gaming class mice up for review.  There is Logitech’s G9X, the SteelSeries XAI, the Razer Abyssusand the Microsoft SideWinder X8.  All of these mice, except Razer’s, will set you back about $80 while the Razer is half that price.  Testing the feel of a mouse is completely subjective and it is hard to get a full idea of the performance by reading a review. The specifications of the buttons, sensors, sensitivity and the extra features the drivers add is easy to contrast however.  Take a look and see what these four top gaming mice have to offer.

“When it really comes down to it, a $20 generic optical mouse is going to deliver what you expect from your mouse even in heavy gaming sessions to the point where you won’t really think about it too often, but then a pair of $20 joggers will probably offer the same sort of product satisfaction – that doesn’t mean a $80 pair won’t possibly be more comfortable, durable and offer just that tiny bit more of performance for the occasional recreational activity.

What it comes down to is in not knowing what I was missing – humans after all are masters at adapting and it really isn’t until you try something new and improved that this becomes evident for yourself. With that said, when I was tasked to produce a roundup review of a few of the top gaming mice offerings on the market today, I was humbly introduced to the world I was missing out on – the world of the gaming mouse.”

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