The first PSU that Gigabyte released was called the Superb 550 and it was not well received by reviewers, undaunted Gigabyte is trying again with the Odin Plus 700W PSU.  The initial impression that Hardware Secrets formed was from the cabling, which is decent but neither modular nor particularly lengthy.  Their hopes were raised when they cracked the unit open as the components were of quite high quality.  In testing the PSU proved solid and deserving of an 80+ rating but overall its performance could be better.  We do not know the MRSP yet and that will have a huge impact on determining if this PSU is a great deal or something to be avoided.

“Gigabyte has quietly entered the power supply market, and the other model from this brand we reviewed – Superb 550P – proved to be an inferior product. Let’s see if things got better with Odin Plus 700 W.”

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