Ars Technica was present for a talk by Paul Otellini at the Intel Investor Conference earlier this week. The big topic there was the extension of Intel’s business model from being the supplier of CPUs to offering entire platforms.  Looking at the slide on their article it seems amazing the change Intel has undergone in the past few years, with many offerings for consumers that go far and above the Core series.  This is a very different approach than AMD who have been slimming themselves into a lean mean hardware selling machine.  Perhaps this will make system builders more comfortable buying AMD as they will not be tied into an entire service package when they choose AMD hardware.

“At the Intel Investor Conference on Tuesday, Intel’s Paul Otellini opened his remarks by saying this would be a different kind of talk than he normally gives at the annual meeting. Instead of talking about specific products, technologies, or business improvements, Otellini took a step back to survey the results of the major restructuring that Intel has been implementing since 2006. This change has turned Intel from a company that makes chips into a company that sells platforms, software, and services—the whole stack”

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