With the arrival of the iPad, one might almost think it was a brand new type of device never before seen on this planet, which really is not true.  Ryan has pointed out that while Apple’s marketing team has done its usual brilliant job of convincing consumers that their product is the only choice, most of the features of the iPad have already been seen in other devices.  Consider the Camangi WebStation, running Google Android and sporting a 7″ LCD, WiFi and 3G support, 256MB onboard NAND and USB plugs!  A 625MHz Marvell chip is inside along with 128MB of DDR.  Check out what it can do at Hi-Tech Reviews.

“Everywhere you turn the topic is tablets, whether it be the new Apple iPad or someone else’s model, so today we are going to be reviewing the WebStation tablet from Camangi. We have made our decision on the device and after you read the article we ask you to do the same thing. Enjoy…”

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