Now that we have more video content at PC Perspective Ryan decided it was time to upgrade the rendering machine.  The big question on his mind was solid state versus platter based storage.  The SSDs should offer faster performance in some cases but would significantly reduce the amount of space available.  The platter based HDDs might be a bit slower at some things but offer a lot more storage space.  Read on to see which way he decided to go and why.

“I have to say that I was impressed with BOTH of our storage options as we tested them and it is tough to give up 1.3TB of storage in order to get slightly faster scrubbing in a specific application; and it even comes at a higher cost! But, with the ability to get a pair of 2TB hard drives at under $300 today for mass storage needs it seemed like the best fit for us. For many high end users though, the quad-Velociraptors will offer the appealing combination of speed and capacity that is impossible to resist, and we can’t blame you one bit.”

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