Not to be confused with the game popular in college dorms, Halo headphones are simply a pair of discs with drivers enclosed and a cord.  They stay on your ears through the use of a headband, either the one enclosed in the packaging or if you have a stash left over from the 80’s you could use that … and listen to Mister Mister or Duran Duran.  Obviously getting the drivers onto the exact placing over your ears to give you the best sound is a bit of a trick, but once you accomplish it you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of playback.  TweakTown certainly were when they tried them

“Halo headphones are the brainchild of a woman by the name of Kristen Black who has already received some acclaim for the idea, being listed in an Australian ‘smart 100’ index. She is also featured in other finalists lists for design competition according to the website.

There is always room for new innovations, especially in a time when portable devices are immensely popular. Today, though, we have a set of the new Halo headphones in black. And I am interested in how they are going to sound given the fact that I have not seen anything similar before.”

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