If there are two things you can take away from NVIDIA’s newest GeForce GTX470 and GTX480 cards is that they are hot and fast (read our review here). Now imagine stuffing one of those GF100 chips into a notebook! That’s exactly what will be happening this June when mobile GF100 chips begin shipping from OEM notebook manufacturer Clevo. According to Daily Tech the GTX 480M has been trimmed to ensure it fits within a portable system’s thermal and power constraints.

The GTX 480M will have 352 CUDA cores (vs. 448 on GTX 470, and 480 on GTX 480), a Processor / CUDA clock of 850 MHz (1215MHz on GTX 470, 1401MHz on GTX 480), and 600 MHz for memory. This is quite a significant cut in processing power, but we’ll find out soon enough what this means in real applications.

HDMI 1.4, PhysX, 3D Vision, and NVIDIA’s Optimus will be supported. Adding NVIDIA Optimus would be an interesting prospect as it would allow consumers to use a cheaper Core i5 or even Core i3 mobile CPU with integrated graphics and switch to a much faster NVIDIA GTX 480M for gaming needs – but it’s such an oddball configuration that I don’t think many vendors will make them. I find it somewhat amusing to think that a 15″ notebook can last 5 hours on battery while using the integrated graphics, then dropping to 1 hour while using the GTX 480M.

Look for products with NVIDIA GTX 480M from major vendors soon!

“The GTX 480M will use the same GF100 chip used in desktops, but “customized to fit into the notebook thermal budget”. This is a very good thing since the desktop GTX 480 has a Thermal Design Power of 250 watts. Cutting the clock speeds and number of CUDA cores significantly reduces power consumption, while reducing the size of the memory interface to 256 bits allows a reduction in the amount of GDDR5 memory required.”

Mobile NVIDIA GeForce GTX480M Coming this June - Mobile 2