[H]ard|OCP were a little shocked when they initially opened up the MSI P55-CD53 for review.  The single PCIe 16x slot seemed lonely, it didn’t claim to have several dozen power phases and there was an odd little feature called Winki that seemed similar to ASUS’ Express Gate.  It is also lacking SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0, features that are very popular but tend to add to the total cost of the motherboard.  What it does have is serious stability, [H] put it in a 45C+ room with no airflow and they had absolutely no problems with the board. They also found it was a joy to overclock, so if you are building a low cost machine around a Core i5 or i3 then this is a review you need to see.

“MSI has been on a roll with their high end LGA1156 boards. Unfortunately some companies falter when it comes to more budget oriented offerings. Is this true of MSI as well, or will their streak of excellence continue? We give the $110 MSI P55-CD53 a good hard look to answer that question.”

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