In a lead up to the upcoming Computex 2010 tradeshow, MSI has begun showing off some of its concepts that are in development.

Engadget has posted a sneak peek at MSI’s Sketchbook device which features a rotating console that is a keyboard on one side and a graphical tablet on the other. This opens the door to some really interesting applications for business, and graphical designers. However for general consumers, I can’t see how a flipping graphical tablet is going be a compelling feature.

Stay tuned for our Computex coverage starting in 2 weeks!

“Well, it looks like MSI isn’t waiting for Computex to show off some of its wild, new concept devices — it’s just unveiled this so-called “SketchBook” at an event in Amsterdam. Offering a new twist on the convertible laptop.”

MSI Shows Off "Sketchbook" Concept Device - Mobile 2
Source: Engadget.