nVIDIA's open secret, the 'unreleased' GTX465 - General Tech 3For a card that is still supposed to be under NDA we certainly know a lot about the upcoming entry level graphics card from nVIDA.  The GTX465 will have a total of 352 stream processors, 92 less than the GTX270, the 1GB memory will be clocked to 3,206MHz on a 256bit interface, again slower than the the 270.  The core will remain the same as the more expensive card at 607MHz, as will the process used to make the card.  Perhaps the only thing we are not truly sure of is the power draw of the card and its overall length.

Drop by HEXUS for a look at the specs as well as a bit of pre-release benchmarking action.

nVIDIA's open secret, the 'unreleased' GTX465 - General Tech 4

“We know NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 465 is coming – heck, we’ve already seen it benchmarked – but we haven’t yet laid our eyes on any retail cards.

Fortunately, it seems you won’t have to wait until next month’s Computex for what could be an official unveil as Turkish website donanimhaber.com has jumped the gun and unearthed a shot of ASUS’s upcoming ENGTX465.”

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