Dipping your toes into the world of SSDs is getting easier, especially as we start to see what might almost be called value class SSDs.  It is a little hard to refer to the ~$3/GB that you are required to spend to get your hands on one of OCZ’s Solid 2 Series SSD’s, but $100 is a fair price if you are curious as to what an SSD can do.  Simply stick a copy of Windows on it and boot up, don’t even delete anything from your original boot disk, just try out the SSD and experience the real world effect of using solid state.  If you aren’t sure if you think you will notice a difference perhaps this review from Bjorn3D might change your mind.

“One of the many questions that people may ask is ‘Should I sacrifice storage capacity for performance?’. With the mechanical drives getting so cheap and the storage capacity getting insanely large, sacrificing TB of storage for the expensive, yet high performance, SSD can be a hard decision.

A quick search online and you can find that various vendors have launched a budget oriented SSDs that is targeted toward consumer users who wish to have the performance of SSD without breaking their bank account. Granted, SSDs are still quite expensive compare to traditional hard drives in terms of gigabytes per dollar ratio. They are nonetheless getting cheaper but are still not yet at the price that everyone who wishes to have one can afford.”

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