Before you do anything else, go Google “gane Game Network Efficiency test“.  Notice something, like the fact that the only positive returns are from sites that are talking about the Killer NIC in some way?  Now, it is not that the PC industry, specifically the gaming portion, has ever had controversy about driver optimization and benchmark tweaking now have they? 

Take a grain of salt and head over to Boot Daily to see the all new Bigfoot Killer NIC in action.

“When Bigfoot Networks started out a few years ago, it has the simple desire to take one of the biggest gripes of online-gaming head-on and that was lag (latency). To many of us in-the- know, it succeeded but unfortunately for the majority it still didn’t see the “value” in what it was offering.

Last year’s release of Xeno was met with mixed reaction – while many appreciated the ultra-low ping and smooth playability it offered, it was criticized in the press for its lackluster throughput performance – and rightly so. It had a rough start in that arena so Bigfoot knew it had to make some changes in its next release to make everyone happy.”

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