Intelis mulling over hardware acceleration for Google’s WebM video format for its embedded Atom proccessors, the Atom CE4100. With Intel hardware being integrated into GoogleTV, it seems a bit odd that Intel is thinking about adding WebM support instead of just doing it. I guess it’s up to Google to push the new standard while the chip maker waits in the sidelines.

PC Perspective: Google Edition - Mobile 3
Hardware acceleration: like sandals for bare feet.

is going to show off a handful of slates this coming Computex across different price ranges. On the low-end is the iTablet Ex-Lite II which is a 10.1″ slate with a 800 MHz Freescale CPU. With 512MB RAM, 512MB NAND flash, a camera, and GPS, it may be one of the more affordable tablets with a full feature set (comes with WinCE6, Android 2.0, or Linux). 

For more serious work, there are two Intel Core 2 CULV models, and a single Atom Z530 slate featuring more RAM more storage, but likely at the cost of battery life. Windows 7, naturally.
PC Perspective: Google Edition - Mobile 4
Google draws another line in the sand by adding the Lead Designer of Palm webOS to their ranks. This will allow Google to release a more polished Android OS in future releases. Ultimately this will make Android a more compelling for manufacturers as they don’t need to spend the resources adjusting the UI (unless they want to of course), and more enjoyable for the end-user as they get a nicer OS. Everyone wins, well, except RIM and Apple (poor Microsoft and HP aren’t even invited to the party).