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Infinity Ward / Activision Shenanigans

The only reason why I’m remotely interested in this story is because I really want to see the creative minds of Call of Duty (not talking about Treyarch) to grow beyond the franchise. It’s obvious they’re talented, but it all seems wasted by churning out endless sequels for Activision. Hopefully this will all blow over soon and Respawn Entertainment can produce something truly innovative.

Bungie Signs Multiplatform Agreement with the Devil Activation

With a bad sense of timing, Bungie announces a partnership with Activision to help publish multi-platform games. While I’m not personally a fan of Activision these days, if there’s hope for Oni 2 I don’t care who Bungie sleeps with to make that baby.

Guild Wars 2

The folks at NCSoft have released a new game play videos showing off the Elemantalist’s skill in combat for the upcoming freemium MMO Guild Wars 2. Static Field looks like a fun skill to use in a group (reminds me of the Pull Field skill in Mass Effect 2).

Hit the link for the other 4 movies – Phoenix, Static Field, Water Trident, and Churning Earth.

Mac – I’m Lovin’ It

Blizzard / StarCraft II

Some new SCII movies as well. Those Terrans are always taking what doesn’t belong to them…