Adobe is not the most popular of companies right now.  Apple is calling loudly for the death of Flash and many end users are a little ticked at the ongoing delays in the release of security patches for serious vulnerabilities in their Acrobat suite.  Why not follow the advice offered by The Inquirer and switch to Foxit; it won’t cost a dime and it will make you more secure.  As of the 3.3 release you will be running Foxit in safe mode by default, you won’t have to change your settings apart from those few documents that will have legitimate outside links.  Just how many .pdfs do you open that you want to trigger an external .exe as well?

“SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Foxit has released a PDF reader with an embedded safe mode to ward off PDF malware.

While Adobe Reader is on the back foot for being vulnerable to too many exploits, Foxit’s PDF Reader 3.3 comes with a built-in safe mode that’s switched on by default. The company claims it is aiming to make PDF document viewing as secure as possible.”

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