The new line of Optima projectors have a new and improved DLP engine and higher resolutions than previous models.   At 1280×800 you are getting some nice definition and the Optima GT720 (not to be confused with nVIDIA products), supports TI’s DLP Link and Nvidia’s 3D Vision so you can game or watch movies in 3D.  It even comes with a backpack to let you easily lug around the 6.5lb projector and show it off to your friends.  On the back you will find an HDMI port, S-Video and composite video ports, a set of stereo RCA phono plugs for input, and a stereo miniplug for audio output. Check it out at ExtremeTech.

“The Optoma GT720 ($800 street) is one of three new Optoma GameTime models, all built around a DLP engine and designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts and home entertainment. The other two are the GT700 with slightly lower brightness and contrast ratio, and the GT360 which shares the same ratings for brightness and contrast. The key difference between the GT720 and GT360, according to Optoma, is resolution. The GT360 is designed for the Wii, with a native SVGA (800 -by-600) resolution. The GT720’s native WXGA (1,280-by-800) resolution makes it a particularly good choice for use with a PS3 or Xbox.”

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