There are new Sandforce controller chips and if you were impressed with the previous generation and the first iteration of the new series, the SF-1222TA wait until you read about the new tricks this generation has learned.  SemiAccurate has posted a look at the new controller and its new features such as DuraClass and how they make MLC flash memory perform more like SLC.  You can also check out the new record posted at the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

“The latest Sandforce chips, the SF-1200 and SF-1500 are really ‘second generation’ controllers, with features that go far beyond simple data transfer. The higher end SF-1500 has a lot of enterprise features, while the SF-1200 is a subset of those aimed more at consumers. Both however have one major trick, they use MLC (Multi-Level Cell) flash to run at SLC (Single-Level Cell) drive speeds and reliability levels.”

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