With an 80+ Bronze rating and a combined 12V rating of 48A and 576W the Seasonic M12II-620 PSU offers a lot for the mid-range PC on paper.  [H]ard|OCP is never convinced until the PSU has survived a trip through their torture chamber.  Once the experiments were over, [H] found a PSU that completely deserved its 80+ rating, was incredibly quiet even at full load and provided relatively clean power.  They have like this series for quite a while, which has become a bit of a negative comment as Seasonic has not updated their various components in quite a while.  That was why in the end the determined that it is a good power supply but perhaps a little overpriced compared to the competition.

“Seasonic is back with an old favorite aiming to make it better for the end user by giving you now Bronze level 80 Plus certification. Our tests are more harsh than 80 Plus’ tests, so let’s see how exactly Seasonic’s new M12II 620 watt PSU takes to our more stringent testing conditions.”

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