Networking can be a lot of fun when it is successful but a huge frustration when you are trying to figure out why PC#1 cannot see PC#12.  It really helps to have a clear understanding of both what you have and what you want to do with it.  For instance, if you are unclear as to the name of the setup you are trying to create, you can run into many problems when you try to get help, unless you head straight for our Forums.  Networking isn’t the only way that you can run into problems with chaining together devices, RAID is another way that difficulties can arise.  What do you do with a RAID0 that just refuses to give the bandwidth it should?

If hardware isn’t really your thing right now, and you happen to own an Apple or run a Linux box, the release of the new Steam client might well catch your attention.  Drop by with any thoughts you might have on Steam, Portal or other things pertaining to the new, more flexible Steam.  Or you could head off to the BOINC forum or the Folding forum, as they have always been running on just about any platform.