It has been a long road for those hoping for a touchable surface interface; an input device reminiscent of those seen in Star Trek or more recently on Minority Report.  Microsoft’s Surface has been talked about for a long time and appearing in various places more recently, like cell phone stores and in experimental gaming groups, but it is still a rarity.  Sony has seen an opportunity for competition and are releasing the atracTable interactive surface this June.  There will be a 35″ display with two Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras that build a 3D image of you to let you interact with the atracTable via cursor, avatar or whatever else people can program for it.  The display is described as being HD, but there hasn’t been mention of the exact resolution, nor have we seen a price tag yet.  Drop by Gizmodo for a look at the video.

“Microsoft Surface is about to get some competition: the atracTable, developed by Atracsys and now owned by Sony, will be commercially available in June. The 35-inch model will have a full HD screen, and smells distinctively like the future.

The atracTable’s interface is able to track a user’s body movements, which means it’s gesture- controllable. Beyond that, though, Sony claims that it will also be able to roughly determine your age, sex, and even your emotional state.”

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