The Spire Thermax Eclipse II SP984B1-V2 is designed to cause turbulence, from the overall shape of the heatsink through to the irregular bumpy finish on the surfaces of the heatsink.  This is in order to facilitate cooling as the more turbulence that is generated the more chance to transfer heat from the heatsink to the air.  With a pair of 120mm fans the amount of air moved is quite impressive.  FrostyTech has found a place for this heatsink in their list of top coolers as it out performs the majority of the competition, even if it is a little on the loud side.

“Spire’s Thermax Eclipse II heatsink is essentially identical to the elusive 3Rsystem Iceage 120 Boss II heatsink Frostytech previously tested. If you’ve been holding out for the Iceage 120 Boss II you’ll be pleased to know that Spire’s Thermax Eclipse II heatsink is just as good a performance cooler – one of the Top 5 Best Heatsinks tested thus far. Both the Spire and 3Rsystem heatsinks are constructed around five 8mm diameter copper heatpipes, have exposed heatpipes at the base and a distinctive “X” pattern that positions heatpipes in the path of higher velocity air.”

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