The Tech Report is checking out the performance of the SuperTalent 32GB RAIDDrive today, though if that isn’t enough space there 64 and 128GB capacities available as well if you can afford the entry price.  Inside the flash memory is organized into two drives with a pair of JMicron JM612 flash controllers and a RAID chip, along with a SATA to USB bridge which makes the drive both faster and larger than most USB drives out there.  The smaller 32GB version does not support interleaving like the two larger models so you can reasonably expect better performance from the larger drives.  Still the testing proves that this drive is significantly faster than a USB 2.0 stick.

“Super Talent’s USB 3.0 RAIDDrive stripes dual internal SSDs to offer 32GB of SuperSpeed connectivity in a lightweight and easily pocketable package. We run one through its paces to see what’s what.”

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