If you heard about the 1U servers that utilize nVIDIA’s new Tesla cards and were wondering just how they managed that without creating a fire hazard, The Inquirer will let you in on a well known secret.  What happened was an 18% cut in clock speed and trimming 64 stream processors and the card are still pulling 10% more than they were originally billed as pulling.  It will be interesting to see what this does to nVIDIA’s attempted break into high performance computing.

“DESIGNER OF WARM GPUS Nvidia has cut the performance of its Fermi based Tesla GPGPU aimed at the high performance computing (HPC) market.

The server vendors Appro and Supermicro recently announced 1U servers featuring up to four Tesla cards. We marvelled at the engineering brilliance of the two firms as they had to overcome the associated power and heat issues that come with graphics cards that use the Green Goblin’s Fermi architecture.”

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