On paper the GTX 465 looked rather lackluster and it was thought that the card would not stand a chance against the HD5850 which seemed to be its natural prey.  As Ryan tested the card it proved to be able to stand up to the competition better than the specs would have implied.  The power consumption and heat produced are what you would expect from a Fermi chip and you will see more of both than you do from the AMD side.  Features are an interesting mix, on nVIDIA’s side is you have PhysX, CUDA and 3D Vision and on AMD you can benefit from Eyefinity and Stream processing as well as better audio quality.  Pricing is also goign to be a consideration when you compare these two cards, currently only a single model of the HD5850 is $289, the rest start at $300.  You can take your pick of any GTX 465 as all the models on NewEgg are $279 and come with a Just Cause 2 coupon.

Not an easy choice for a systems builder.

“The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 brings the performance and features of the GF100 architecture to a lower price point and does a good job of making a case for itself against the competing AMD products. SLI performance also impressed us with scaling rates as high as 90% in some cases and with a base price of $279 could make for the first consumer-friendly option for NVIDIA Surround support coming later in the summer. The Galaxy version of this GPU is a custom design with a unique fan that is both quieter and more functional with a foldout mechanism for cleaning and maintenance.”

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