Here at PC Perspective we really haven’t jumped into the iPad frenzy, apart from a little speculation on who made the chip that powers it and some thoughts on Flash support.  Jon did find an interesting and brave use for his review model, letting his young children play with it. 

For anyone with young kids that can handle the idea of grubby little fingers touching their pristine white iPad this is a guide to some of the apps, both free and paid, that are age appropriate and fun for kids and their parents.  Did you know Sesame Street has a podcast or that you could get your hands on an official Disney Toy Story read along book for free?

“I have been lucky enough to have been using the iPad for a full week before the Canadian launch. While some people have a clear idea of what they will use the iPad for, I have been trying to discover my own “killer app” for this beautiful device. I quickly discovered that my kids (youngest 16 months and the eldest 3 years old) really gravitated to Apple’s latest gadget. As much as I hate to deny it, I suspect the iPad will be as much a toy for them as it is for me.”

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