Having a nicely tooled wooden veneer or even making components completely out of wood adds a bit of style, especially if you prefer wood grain to plastic smoothness.  However, making in-ear headhones out of wood seems a little unnecessary as the majority of the earphones are in your ear, as the name implies.  That hasn’t stopped Mee Electronics from releasing their R1 Wooden In ear Headphones.  Is there perhaps more than just aesthetics driving their choice of materials?  Find out at Overclockers HQ.

“What do you think when I tell you to name some products made of wood? I’m sure that desks, chairs, doors, and other obvious answers come to mind. But what about headphones? Mee Electronics has created a great-looking pair of unique headphones with a wooden construction. I was certainly excited when I found out I would be getting these for review. But no matter how cool a pair of earbuds are, it all comes down to sound quality. So are the R1’s more like a mighty Sequoia Tree or like a weak fern? Read on and find out.”

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