The newest contributor to PC Perspective, Ken Addison, has just completed another review and its topic is a first.  There hasn’t been a review of a smartphone hit the front page before his review of the HTC Droid Incredible.  It certainly makes sense as the service that this phone receives makes web browsing a good experience as opposed to the frustration offered by phones with slower connections.  We are still waiting for 4G phones but for now this will keep you surfing, and dialling in style.  It sports the fastest processor in a mobile phone, the ARM-based 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which gives the phone some nice snap.  A pity what it does to the battery life though as nothing comes without cost.

“In the runup to the release of this phone, Google has announced that it no longer plans to bring the Nexus One to Verizon, and that this is the phone that is taking it’s place in their lineup. After using this phone, it is obvious why Google has made this decision. Building off of the strong foundation that Google and HTC created with the Nexus One, the HTC Droid Incredible is the best Android phone on the market, and one of the best smart phones I have used.”

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