Though Computex doesn’t start for another few days, some initial bits of information continue to flow in.  One notable piece was that VIA was planning to demonstrate the first monolithic dual-core version of its Nano processor for the mobile technology markets.  While we had indeed previously known about a dual-core variant of Nano, it was always expected to be a dual-chip package – similar to what we saw with the first Intel quad-core processors under the Core 2 Quad brand. 

The benefits of building the processor on a single package include performance and power efficiency improvements – both critical for the fickle mobile market.  Using the 40nm process node at TSMC, VIA is expecting the new dual-core Nano to compete directly with the updated Atom processor lines, though I doubt we’ll see it go after the cell phone markets that Intel is pushing Moorestown towards.  Back in our initial comparisons of the VIA Nano and Intel Atom processors the performance of the Nano impressed but has basically remained stagnant during several iterations of Atom. 

VIA planning to demonstrate monolithic dual-core Nano at Computex - Processors 3
A current generation VIA Nano processor

VIA is a company in desperate need of a product that will help maintain its relevancy in the western markets.  It continues to do very well in the emerging markets of India and China with lower power desktop products but those efforts just don’t apply very well to the US consumer.  An improved Nano dual-core processor with better power efficiency could help VIA take ground in the battle for netbooks, tablets and other small format computing devices.  And don’t forget, VIA has an ARM-based design they are pushing as well.

VIA planning to demonstrate monolithic dual-core Nano at Computex - Processors 4
VIA Nano single-core die shot

PC Perspective will bring you more information about the Nano updates as we find it!  Keep an eye on the PC Perspective Computex 2010 page for all the latest news and notes from the show floor.