XPower to the people

MSI continues to brand their Big Bang series of motherboards as THE top solution for enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers. The new XPower motherboard brings that to the X58 chipset and the Intel Bloomfield processors for the first time. Come check out our video preview to see the overview of features and specs before the full review!
MSI made a splash last year with the release of a new motherboard series known as Big Bang in an attempt to create a brand to compete with the likes of the ASUS Republic of Gamers line. While all the rumors and speculation about the Big Bang motherboards started with Lucid HYDRA technology, the first board released was the Big Bang Trinergy that combined the Intel P55 chipset with the nForce 200 bridge to create a true 3-Way SLI offering for the recently released Lynnfield processor. Not long after that MSI did unveil its Lucid HYDRA-powered motherboard, the Big Bang Fuzion, which was met with some critical reviews due to the state of HYDRA’s multi-GPU scaling software.

Fast forward to today and MSI is preparing the first X58-powered and Bloomfield-ready Big Bang motherboard, the XPower. In our video preview below you will see some unique features including six full size PCI Express slots and dual 8-pin power connectors to aid the CPU and an extra 6-pin power connector for graphics stability.

Thanks for watching! We’ll have a more detail review sometime after Computex on just what else the XPower can offer enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers!